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Hotwifing, Cuckolding and BBC

Mandingos HOTWIFING: We all know it, part of what turns us on is watching our wife or girlfriend being pleasured by another person (and she feels the same in return). However, what is a real turn on to some couples, and quite common, is the wife going out with other men, having foreplay and sex and then reporting back. The woman hotwife reports back to her man with either pictures or every detail about how she and the other man pleasured each other in GREAT detail. Not only was it a turn-on waiting and wondering how their time on the date was, but now it is even more of a turn on hearing all of the details from the hotwife.

Mandingo BBC: LOL, WTF, BFF, We know what these basic texting lingos mean. Now let's talk about your BBC fantasy, and this does not stand for "best buds counting". BBC is the short title for well endowed black men, "Big Black Cock". It is no wonder why you see many Caucasian woman swarming tall, ripped, and gorgeous black men, also know as Mandingos. Yes, those things are a bonus, however its more below the belt, or should I say it is whatís in their pants. Many woman say penis size does not matter when it comes to their significant other. So to accommodate the situation this is where the Big Black Cock comes into play. With no strings attached, just some big cock to fulfill needs and desires. Everyone goes home happy and satisfied, and the husband or boyfriend doesnít feel threatened of losing his wife or girlfriend because he knows that it is just a fantasy, and he is turned on by it.

CUCKOLDING: We all know that watching others fill their sexual desires is a turn on right? A very popular way to enjoy watching others have sex is way more personal than videos, the wife or girlfriend performs and fulfills her desires with another hot sexy bull, which is a well-endowed man, in front of her husband or boyfriend and all he can do is watch and most of the time canít even touch. Cuckold generally refers to the sexual fetish in which a male gains sexual gratification from his partner having sex with other males. In cuckolding the female becomes sexually dominant, while her man becomes submissive. Her man usually only becomes involved with her or her lover when she allows him to, and sometimes demands that he remain celibate. Many times cuckolding involves acting out a story or ritual involving humiliating acts, events or circumstances; it is not simply hotwifing.

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