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Club Austin Friends (The FRIENDS Club)
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Address: PO BOX 1794 Pflugerville TX
Phone: 512-251-1199   
Web Site:
Description: Austin's #1 Swingers Club Since 1993. One of the most established, friendliest and longest operating couples clubs in the country. Friends is open every Friday and Saturday night from 9 PM until 2 AM for couples and single ladies. The club is a very discreet private club set up like a regular night club with a DJ and a dance floor to enjoy. It’s not just another Austin swingers club. A Dance Pole, Shadow Box, Dance Cage and a semi private area are just some of what we offer. We are strictly a private club and do not serve alcohol. If you desire, bring your own alcohol (BYOB) and we will provide basic set ups at no additional charge i.e. sodas, ice, glasses etc.... We have a few premium set ups available at the bar at a small charge. ( Tipping the Bar Staff and D.J. is very much appreciated ) Discretion is of utmost importance and, “What Happens At Friends... Stays At Friends”

- Smoking is allowed.

Contact: Mark

  Too small of a club and hardly anybody there. No private rooms either. It's not what it was 8 years ago
  Review part 3 All the décor comes together giving it an atmosphere both festive and intimate, the tables are designed with conversation in mind. After all, if you can’t chat it up a bit, how can you see if there is that special spark? Only the visual is part of the attraction after all. The incredible staff and genuine feeling of an open welcome place where there are friends and new friends to be discovered, more than offset any inconsistent design choices. The Friends Club is a multifaceted place, at first glance just another little club, but it is the incredible welcome feeling that seems to be fused through the whole place, not only with the staff, but through the incredible people that visit the club. A fun sexy time is here for all. We live in Florida, but The Friends Club is a place we will keep on our places to go back to when in the Austin Texas area again. You can check the Austin The Friends Club out at or email  who knows the next time we visit we may see you there.
  Review part 2 All that great conversation, leading to some flirting and invites to dance is possible because the sound system is set in such a way that the music from the DJ is not some mind piercing assault on the senses. The music is load enough to dance to but not so load as to drown out normal conversation. The music sets from the DJ is diverse, covering a cross section of genres, from pop, to rock and fusion rap and covering 60’s, and beyond. It all has one purpose in mind, to get you moving on the dance floor. Our visit was punctuated by slow dance tunes as well as rock and roll that got a large group of us up in a circle to dance, and each person taking a turn in the middle to dance their groove.  This was all spontaneous and in the moment. Have you ever consciously taken note of how the atmosphere of a room makes you feel? Austin “The Friends Club”, has somewhat of a rustic look to its inside décor. It looks like before the new owner took over the old owner may have been going for a regional flair to the room.  Some of its design elements are universal though a bit eclectic in nature. Lending a salvaged look to some of the wooden walls and nuances of the extras, which include a dancer pole on a little step up stage, a very cool shadow box, for someone to get their sexy vibe going, A big screen showing some XXX action and then also a cage to dance in for those more adventurous. This all comes together with not only a very generous dance floor, but also a corner heavy petting area….if you’re thinking petting zoo, then you’re in the wrong place.
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