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Club Gary and Margarets
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Address: Mira Loma CA
Phone: 951 360 6156    951 681 0991
Web Site:
Premisses: Off Premises
Description: Our Parties Are Not Open to the General Public. ~*~ A note From Your Hosts ~*~ Margaret and I have been having parties at our home for about 13 years now. Over that time we have met some very nice people and had lots of great fun. We bought the house with swing parties in mind and after setting things up, we started having the parties and its been very exciting ever since. I guess you could say we're a mature couple but honestly we act more like kids then adults! As to our age, well, let's just say I saw the Beatles in concert and Margaret had a front row seat at a Jimmy Hendrix I guess that would put us in the “older” generation. Margaret and I met at a swingers party almost 20 years ago now. (It doesn’t seem that long really) Before we met, we had been going to different parties for a long time. Margaret was going to swing parties and I was having fun at what you might call “fetish” type gatherings where I came in contact with lots of very interesting people and had wonderful times. I guess together we have had about 50 years of exploring the world of sexual fun. We now let others have most of the fun because we are too busy taking care of our guests and making sure they're having a good time. But we do enjoy it all and look forward to the next party! We share our home with our four doggies, who really have the easy life. Margaret takes care of them, and me and I love her to death. When not getting things ready for the parties I write and do art work for different clients. I have just finished writing a book and I have copies for sale. It's been a very great life so far for us and we're looking forward to lots more great times with everyone so come ut soon.

- Smoking is allowed.

  Heard its a great lifestyle club. Looking forward to visiting you soon  ;)
  Good vibe somewhat of an Older crowd, Not that I'm some spring chicken avg. age around 40s. Cool back yard good atmosphere thru out the house themed rooms, nice pool with Jacuzzi and even something that looks like a spaceship. Worth checking out! Frank Jamez
  BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG fun hott crowd last time :")))))))))))  omg!!! HOTTTTTTTTTT FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
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