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Love Voodoo User FAQs

Who is this site intended for?

Anyone is welcome to become a Love Voodoo member. Some of our users are people who are already active in the non-monogamous community, while others are curious about open relationships and just beginning to explore. Our members are single, partnered, married, and "it's complicated." They range in terms of age, race, and sexual preference, but everyone on here is searching for some kind of connection. We hope you find yours!

What are the rules?

See our Code of Conduct.

How do I cancel membership?

You can cancel anytime via the ACCOUNT tab at the top of the homepage, then going to Membership.

If you are a paying member, there will be a "cancel membership" option under payment information.

You can also suspend your account. This option will hide your profile from other members, but you will be able to login and reactivate your account automatically.

There are two ways to suspend your account:

1. Via the ACCOUNT tab at the top of the homepage, then going to Membership.
You will see the Suspend my Love Voodoo account... option there.

2. There is a Suspend My Account button on the footer of every page on the Love Voodoo site.

If you want to delete your account you can do so via the ACCOUNT tab at the top of the homepage, then going to Membership. Clicking on Suspend my Love Voodoo account... will bring you to another page where you will have two options: "Suspend my account" or "Delete my Love Voodoo account." The option to delete will remove your account from the site completely and suspend any further billing.

What do the site icons mean?

points icon     Points this member has earned so far

blog icon    Blog

pictures icon     This member has photos

video icon     This member has video

wink icon    This is a wink: a flirtatious signal sent from one member to another

What do the different colors for the stick figure mean?

Straight Straight    Straight

Bisexual Bisexual    Bisexual

Bicurious Bicurious    Bicurious

Gay Gay    Gay

Not specified Not specified    Not specified

How to navigate the site: A Beginner's Guide

Here's what we recommend in order for you to have the best experience as a LoveVoodoo user:

1. Fill out your bio.

2. Add your photos. Your featured profile photo should not contain nudity because this is public and will show up on landing pages.

When presenting yourself on this site, choose photos that are accurate (as in, taken within the last couple years) and show that you're making a bit of an effort. Using misleading photos or information is going to lead to disappointment when you meet in person.

Avoid gratuitous dick pics. (Seriously, we've all seen enough of those, and it's generally not proven to be successful.)

A few more tips for good profile photos: Use images that are at least 72 DPI to avoid that pixelated look. Some members crop their images for anonymity; that's your choice. But of course, photos that show your face will help others get a clearer sense of who you are (and tend to elicit more responses.) Choose photos that make you feel sexy. Smile.

3. Pick a screen name. Screen names are an opportunity to show some individuality, but names that refer explicitly to sex acts or dick size often make it seem like you're trying too hard. 4. Start contacting people and look for events in your area; have fun!

How does the points program work?

This program rewards members for participating in certain activities that help enrich our community. Members receive points for activities such as posting blogs, adding photos to your profile, welcoming new members to the site, and booking vacations with LoveVoodoo Travel.

Points have two purposes:

1. Members that accumulate a certain amount of points will be awarded a status that will distinguish them as highly active LoveVoodoo users. Each level has its own icon that will appear on that member's profile, as well as other features that will highlight their profile.

In the future, this status will be good for discounts at participating Lifestyle organizations.

Actions awarded with points: Locked Photo Uploaded 2 points Unlocked Photo Uploaded 3 points Club Rating Posted 5 points Blog Posted 3 points Message Member for the First Time 1 point Sent Message to Member 1 point Erotic Story Posted 5 points Hookup Posted 5 points Event Posted 5 points Verified as Premium Member 5 points Refer New Member 50 points Post Message in Groups 1 point Booked a Trip with Lovevoodoo travel 250 points LoveVoodoo Special 250 points

2. Members can redeem points for LoveVoodoo merchandise including discounts on trips to resorts such as Hedonism and Desire.

Points will be shown in two different categories: "Lifetime Points" that will continue to accumulate for the duration of the membership, and "Available Points" that will fluctuate as members cash points in for products and trips.