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Club Entre Nous
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Address: Various Locations in DC - See Our Site Washington DC
Email: Info@EdunEvents.com    Info@EdunEvents.com
Web Site: www.entrenousdc.com
Premisses: Off Premises
Description: Please see our site for all event and membership info www.entrenousdc.com Entre Nous is a Members Only event. To attend Entre Nous you MUST be an approved member. To apply for your free membership, please go to our website www.EntreNousDC.com Entre Nous Event Location and Party details are sent to approved members via e-mail weekly. See your e-mail before attending Entre Nous! ALL approved members MUST follow the rules of the event, including our dress code requirements. If an approved member comes to the door not in dress code they will be denied entrance to the club. You must fill out the first page of the application. You can use your first names only, that is fine, but you must include pics. Once you fill out the first page (the general info page) and click on the submit button, you will be taken to a second page that allows you to upload your pics. You can submit pics that cover your face, as we do understand that some of you may be concerned about having your face out on the net, and that is fine. Simply submit full body pics with your face covered if need be. Applicants who do not include pics may be denied. If you have already applied, DO NOT apply again. Just send us your info and pics to Info@EdunEvents.com and we will send your info in for review. If you have ANY questions about this, please e-mail us. Entre Nous is held at various locations in DC, so be sure to see our site for specific event locations. You must be an approved member to attend. Current members will receive the party location and info in their weekly e-mails sent to them by us. Entre Nous is not your average Lifestyle Event. It is rare that a lifestyle party anywhere in America focuses on catering to the younger, club savvy, sexually sophisticated and beautiful crowd... Entre Nous is here to do just that. Entre Nous sets the standard for off-premise lifestyle clubs in America. With eight years of experience, our weekly Saturday night events attract the very best in the lifestyle community both locally and nationally. Entre Nous is attended by couples in committed relationships, married people, lovers, friends who like to have fun together, women tired of the hassles of attending clubs that allow single men, and women interested in meeting other women and couples. Everyone that comes to Entre Nous comes with playfulness and adventure in mind.  Single men are never allowed entry into Entre Nous and all guests must be at least 21. The average age of the Entre Nous guests is about 32. Entre Nous represents the youngest lifestyle party in America, as well as the largest percentage of single women at a lifestyle event in America. While most of the women who attend Entre Nous are bisexual, Entre Nous caters to all "lipstick" women (women who are ultra sexy feminine, non-butch, etc). Beyond being an amazing off-premise social space for the lifestyle community, Entre Nous combines the sexiness of the lifestyle with upscale nightclub culture. Our guests are an eclectic mix of interesting people interested in the lifestyle and enjoying a fantastic time with one another in the sexy, safe and erotic environment we've created. Entre Nous represents the cream of the lifestyle community in the Washington, DC area. There's nothing more appealing then confidence - so guests are encouraged to use their imagination and wear what makes them feel most sexy. When dressing for Entre Nous you should express this philosophy by dressing to the "Nines". It's not every weekend night that you can dress as wildly and daringly as our Saturdays...take advantage of it!

- Smoking is allowed.

Contact: Todd & Jennifer

  Still great fun.
  Stay Tuned to EntreNousDC.com for the latest events and locations!
  Old location (Huxley) was great, new location not so much anymore.
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