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Club Shameless Grounds
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Address: Saint Louis MO
Phone: 314-449-1240   
Email: info@shamelessgrounds.com   
Web Site: shamelessgrounds.com
Description: Does your love life fall “outside the box”? Maybe you’re a guy who likes guys, or a girl who likes girls. Or maybe you like both. Maybe a firm hand and a riding crop are the things that reliably take you to your happy place. Maybe you aren’t chained to one spot on the gender or orientation spectrums. Maybe you don’t consider monogamy to be the only realistic option. Or maybe none of these applies to you right now, but you’re curious and you want to learn, and to hang out with like-minded individuals. We get it. That “box” we fall outside of is tiny. It’s cramped and confined, and when you think about it, it’s always been a myth. The desires of most people fall outside of that box in one way or another. Almost everybody likes at least a few sprinkles with their vanilla. People like us, we make up the vast sexual majority. And we think it’s about time somebody created a warm, open, public place that calls shenanigans on the entire “box” paradigm. We’re going to be working hard to make Shameless Grounds a place like that.

- Smoking is allowed.

Upcoming Events at Club Shameless Grounds
May 15 Slosh!
on May 15 posted by Shameless Grounds
Jun 19 Slosh!
on Jun 19 posted by Shameless Grounds


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