calguyinar Little Rock, Arkansas, United States  
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Name: Dan Julia
Sexual orientation: Male, straight Female, bi-curious
Age: 61 50
Weight: 185 140
Height: 5'8" 5'7"
Dick size: Medium
Hair color: blonde shaved
Eye color: Blue Blue
Ethnicity: Caucasian Caucasian
Birthday: Jan 26 1957 Aug 24 1968
Lifestyle experience: Very experienced New
Do you smoke? no no
Do you drink? socially socially
Do you use drugs? no no
Favorite drink?
Favorite music? reggae R&B
Favorite movie?
Interested in: 40s couple to meet other couples for fun and pleasure
Can you entertain at home? Yes
To meet someone, you would travel: anywhere
Other interests:
Sexually Transmitted Diseases:
Describe yourself:
Turn ons: We enjoy nudity, massage, voyerism, exhibitionism, lots of foreplay and new friends.
Turn offs: pushy, obnoxious, alchohol abuse, drug abuse, arrogance
What are you looking for in someone else? friendship
Why are you on
What else is on your mind?

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